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About 02-Depån and Lennart
Lennart is a man with great passion for cars and especially for BMW 02’s. These cars have part of his life since his childhood and he now owns several of them including race cars that he has built by himself.

His career started in Lund where he studied motor mechanics. After that he did end up at NCC Machine in Kågeröd where he did maintenance work of construction machinery. Lennart nowadays makes his living out of renovating and rebuilding the amazing 02's and also do maintenance of construction machinery.

Garaget BMW Club Schweden was founded in 1985 and in 1992 a special section for 02's was established. Here Lennart met like-minded people and this deepened his interest in this particular car model. BMW Sport Club was in parallel founded where the members began to rent race tracks where they drove their street cars until 1994-1995 when a new BMW racing series was started. Lennart has been competing at Ring Knutstorp and other race tracks since 1994 when he built his first inka colored race car.

In 2005, Lennart built a group 2 race car for historic racing and has since 2006 competed in the Swedish historic racing series organized by RHK. In 2006, 02-Depån moved to its current location at Industrigatan in Kågeröd. Here he develops and improves the race cars to get better performance.

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